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JUIH CHAU Sell What [ 2022-11-03 ]
We are specializing in researching, manufacturing and supplying with a variety of Sport Sunglasses (adult and child), including Polarized Sunglasses, Photocromatic Sunglasses, Fishing Floating Sunglasses, Sport Safety Sunglasses, Water Sport Sunglasses, Sport Goggle, and Reading Sunglasses.

Our sunglasses for all kinds of indoor and outdoor exercises, like motosport, cycling, fishing, running, golf, cricket, skiing, parachute, mountain-climbing and etc.

We also have Sports related products, like Paintball Mask, Hockeyball Mask, Pelota Mask. So if you need any further information about our products or would like to look for other Sports related products, please feel free and don't be hesitate to contact us.

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